Education Fair

Oh bye to my secondary school. I dont know how to express the feeling. Happy or sad? I wonder. The feeling is like when you look backwards, nobody is there. I know some BestFriend won't leave me, I appreciate who still stay beside me, comfort me, makes me smile & date me! :) I love you guys. Keep in touch & i'll never ever forget you all. You all gave me the best memories that i never had before, especially the day we laugh emo argue inside class, we tuition together, we gossip at mamak station2 together.

Well, now I should start my another life. I'm finding job now. I need money for my 3months holiday! so i work as freelancer now.
I worked at Midvalley Exhibition Hall last weekend. was having Education fair there. Our booth is together with Miko Hair Studio. I think our online game is support by Miko Hair Studio.
I dont know more about this game. but it seems like very attractive. This game havent launch, ll launch asap if not wrong. For boys who are interested, you can follow their news by Like "鹿鼎记" page in facebook :) You can get Ipad2 if you won, no worries, it's free !

My job scope is holding Ipad and ask others to Like this game page.
" Mr 啊, 你可以帮忙Like我们的Page吗? 有lucky draw, 你可能可以draw到一个Ipad2. "
" 然后你再Like我们Miko Hair Studio的Page, 我们每个月会抽100个人送出免费电影戏票 :) "
Non stop talking this sentence between this 7 hours.
Some people dont give a damn, some people give me a shit face, some people say ll come back later. Yes, you know the answer. THEY WON'T BACK! lol

That's all, i enjoyed much in this fair. I knew little friends there. & I have talk with some college student which work Education fair too like Segi College, Taylor's College, KDU etc. They are nice :)
& I wish to study Accounting at Sunway College.

To be continue.


Graduation Day.

Time pass too fast. I graduated.
I still remember the moment I just entered my secondary school. In fact, I should not be in this school. I should study at my sis's school. but I repeatedly asked my parents DONT CHANGE SCHOOL for me. Although my school was a bad school in past, but teachers in our school nowadays getting better. I swear :)
well, 15Oct is my graduation day. I feel excited on that day because I feel I have grown up. lolol

I woke up so early that day, 5.30a.m, woah O.O! Then i prepared my things. Dont feel weird with my look, ok? The rules for Chinese girl is everyone should wear Baju Kurung. Everyone should tied your hair "bun". Your fringe must pin. & No high heels no long fingernails * faint
Location: Maktab Polis Diraja Malaysia.

" terima kasih, tuan "

ding ding :p


Cikgu Rahim, i wont forget how many effort you put on us. You always try your best not to miss our class last year. You are funny, & a good teacher! *5stars

Pn Chieng. well we call her "fa gu" since form1. Everyone knows you are fierce, you like to catch chinese girls. this and that. Your voice is so damn super loud. I remember how you catch me and met with my mom last year. hmm swt. I hate you that time. btw you're a nice teacher, what you did to us is for our own good. you teach us lots! :)

Cikgu Melati (beside me) i love the way you teach us BM. you're funny :D

makan makan.

My friends, my teachers, my school.. Thanks for giving me so much memories
Dear Past, Thanks for all the lessons. Dear Future, I'm ready.
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逆战之夜 :)

Eeeh, new blog header. TADAAAAA : p

attend yesterday's 逆战之夜, the performance was amazing. I saw my every friend's talent. *clap* You all done very well, proud of you guys. Lets see photo.
i like this photo so much, dont ask me why. LOL :p

Huoi, Jas, Elaine and me. where's my bubble tea?

Huichin & me. i fake a smile, tired :( * they dance very well :)

Me w/huoi blur-nyaa

Mimi and I :)

Jas, Kahpui, Ching & me <3

After capture and gossip, walk here there. After that back Jas's home. I wondering when only can I get my P license :( postponed postponed and postponed. sigh!
tall right? hahahaaa..

End up with this.

A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you.
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Holiday is gone. i think the next should be my trial exam. hiahs.
Went to 1-utama w/darl yesterday. after a few hours window shopping, we went Tropicana City Mall for movie. it sounds unfamiliar for me.
We watched Kungfu Panda 2. yeheee, awesome and so cute :)


here is the trailer@kung fu panda 2
i like this baby panda, yo so cuteeeee. cute ttm.

Let photo talk my story.

we go for this, Shimino Japanese Crepes@One utama.


capture by him.

yum yum..... eating.
acting cute, doesn't work. hahaha *
capture by darl

his favourite. and dont wanna back home liaw T^T
After movie we hunted for Bak Kut Teh, after dabao, ate, washed, Goodnight !


stupid camera :(

got to go, dont forget to click my nuffnang ya!


wait for me :)

我終於把部落的衣服 聲音給換了。其實我想換好久了,結果給我搞得亂七八糟。還好吧? =="

BlogSong: My all by Mariah Carey.
我覺得聽了很舒服所以我放上來和大家分享 :D
我還會再換我的blog header, 太難看了啦 T^T
這次的假期 無所事事的。
沒人帶我出去玩。我很清楚今年大考,很清楚自己不能玩過火。我等 . . . . SPM 是我最大的阻礙!
等我 . . 請大家耐心的等待我18歲吧。我要享受我的college life. 拿我愛的科目,讀我愛的科目,考我愛的科目。這樣才是我讀書的意義 :)
現在讀書對自己來說只是我的責任,我想讀我愛的科目 才是興趣呀。
大家祝福我的大考吧 ^_^

Women are not toys and their hearts aren't meant to be played with, so don't break them.
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byebye exam!

weheee, how's life? is it i never update for so long time? :(
just finished my exam, and I got my paper. Addmaths with 63 marks! yeahoo, i got 12% last year, and i decide to give up my addmaths, but I never stop do addmaths exercise. SEE ! 一分耕耘 一分收获, as mommy teach me. hehehehe.
Bm with 50 marks. so-so lah :) i kosong my peribahasa, actually i thought i'll failed my bm paper. LOLLLL luckily!

holiday now, nomore rest for me. kelas tambahan Kelas Tambahan KELAS TAMBAHAN. stress man :(
not happy holiday but a sad holiday.
stay tuned.
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Last minute shopping.

OMFG! Last minute shopping, so damn rush. I shop for my CNY shirt. Went Midvalley, Sunway Pyramid, TimeSquare, SungaiWang, Pav, LeisureMall, hunt for it. I admit I'm greedy! ngekngekngek, /evil laugh.

Bought many shirt, and i love my pants muchiee . From Nichii. Deng deng deng!

 Dress from eighteen eighty. Although i'm just seventeen, LOL

When i told Jas i just bought a new long pants, her respond is just like " OMG! O.O " Is that so suprised? Common what. -.- *bish!

aduh, luckily i got what I want. Mum spent much money for CNY. hahaha, sorry mummy ;( I really wish to get those shirt and pants. Love you la love you la. hehehe, you're the best, right? :pp

Feel kinda sorrowful this few days. Idk what you're thinking, i just treat you as how you treat me, not wrong. Dont tryya to blame me! Fair for me and you, ain't it? :) Just change your attitude if you feel my attitude got any prob. 

Gonna remove my make up now, and i waiting for Thurs. Happy Cny everyone, hearts you all. :D Enjoy it and wait for my update. Stay tuned.
* CNY with red nails. let's scream. HUAT ARRRrrrrrrr! hahaa.